Uber Increases Prices In Kenya And Nigeria As A Result Of Protests From Drivers

American technology company; Uber Technologies Inc. has made it known that it has increased its prices in Kenya and Nigeria. The decision is in response to demands by drivers in both countries for a higher percentage split of the commissions in order to properly cushion their operation costs which have significantly increased.

The ride hailing service provider has added a 15 percent increase in its prices for delivery service and motorcycle ride service. Its low cost ChapChap will now pay an extra 3 Kenyan Shillings per kilometre.

The spokesperson for East and West Africa; Lorraine Onduru made it known in response to questions, that Uber increased the prices on its UberX service by 20 percent in Abuja which is the capital of Nigeria, and by 13 percent in Africa’s biggest city; Lagos.

The East and West Africa spokesperson for Uber added that the increases will make it possible for riders to be able to access affordable transport and also provide better earnings for the company’s driver-partners.

In Nigeria, the new fares were implemented in Nigeria on Tuesday the 11th of May 2021. This is according to an email that was sent to drivers that work with Uber.

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