Luthuli Avenue Now(And Benefits to Businesses and People In Kenya)

After a keen look at the conditions along the old avenue, the United Nations declared Luthuli avenue as one of the most congested, smoky, and noisy parts of Nairobi city, in 2017. Badly affecting both the marketability and performance of the local businesses. The move stirred up the need for urgent action by the county government of Nairobi, and its partners.

In a bid to correct the negative publicity as well as enhance service delivery, the county government resolved to carry out a thorough transformation exercise on the avenue. The effort has brought a lot of benefits to the businesses and people of this avenue in Nairobi.

Where Is Luthuli Avenue In Nairobi?

The Avenue is located in Eastleigh within the Central Business District of Nairobi; the capital city of Kenya.

The Transformation Exercise

All the Eastleigh Public Service Vehicles were kicked out of the street, creating space for wider pedestrian routes, beautification trees, and consequently reducing the unbearable emissions from the congested vehicles. This move has been greatly appreciated by both the business owners and visitors. Most potential customers who kept off Luthuli avenue because of its congestion, emissions, and noise, are currently coming in large numbers to buy and enjoy themselves as well.

The street’s new look came in with the renovated tarmac roads, which are separated into two lanes by well-designed poles and beatification trees for clarity. The two lanes bear street lights, road signs, and CCTV cameras each at strategic places. This has greatly reduced the number of accidents and the uncalled for traffic jams that used to define the street.

Luthuli Avenue Electronics

Luthuli Avenue’s new look is a blessing to the business people in the business of selling and repairing electronic devices. Most adverts on buildings bear images of the various electronic appliances sold and repaired here. A clear indication that the electronic business is one of the booming businesses.

The appliances’ affordable prices coupled with the presence of skilled electronic technicians, make the street an ideal place to buy and repair electronics.

Luthuli Avenue Phone Shop

This is one of the businesses that deal with the selling and repair of electronic devices along the street. It’s also known for offering friendly, quick as well as pocket-friendly services to its customers. Hence, making itself a preferred business.

The Hawkers

Because not everyone in the business can afford to pay rent, the street’s new look has equally presented rosy opportunities to the hawkers too. Although the hawking business is highly discouraged along the avenue, it’s still done. But with a lot of caution because of the intolerant county Askaris.

On many occasions, the hawkers play a key role in taking the out-of-reach goods to the customers at affordable prices.

However, as much as they provide this essential service, they are still faced with the challenge of them being arrested, and their commodities confiscated by the county council police.

Financial Services

Before the customers buy and after the business people sell, they both need financial services. The Luthuli Avenue new look businesses have attracted a variety of commercial banks. Which have opened up branches along the street. To provide safe custody of the enormous amount of business money, necessitate safe withdrawal of cash by account holders, business loans to their clients.

Feeding, Refreshments, and Accommodation

During and after the day-long activities, the renovated, tidy restaurants offer quite a variety of foodstuffs to the majority of the people who can’t prepare their own. On the other hand, the bars offer all sorts of authorized liquor and soft drinks to their patrons. However, due to the high demand for the above services, some smart business owners combine the two of them under one roof. Just to cut down on rent and facilities expenses.

The visitors who get caught up by the night, are well taken care of by the completely furnished lodgings and boardings. Where they are also offered all the necessary services including feeding and refreshments in-house. They also offer ample and safe parking lots for their driving class customers. These facilities also act as a second home outside the home to the residents who enjoy night-outs. Some for fun, some to run away from the troubles at home.

Bottom line

The Luthuli Avenue new look has notably beautified Nairobi City’s Central Business District and positively impacted the lives of many people. The business people, their customers, and pedestrians’ health, as well as safety, is well taken care of. All thanks to the Nairobi county government and its stakeholders, for the job well done. The once congested, smoky, and noisy avenue in the city has some sanity now for both the dwellers and visitors.

The county government and its partners should also consider doing the same thing to the other streets currently in the same dire states. 

About the Writer

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