Level 4 Travel Advisory Issued Against Kenya By The United States

The United States (US) has reportedly issued a Level 4 travel advisory against the Republic of Kenya and is telling its citizens not to travel to the East African nation.

The travel advisory by the United States warns against traveling to Kenya due to the health risks of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and stresses on its citizens taking extra caution as a result of kidnappings, terrorism, and crime in Kenya.

The Level 4 travel advisory which is on the United States (US) Bureau of Consular Affairs Website reads, “Do not travel to Kenya due to COVID-19. Exercise increased caution in Kenya due to crime, terrorism, health issues, and kidnapping.”

A Level 4 Advisory is the highest Travel Advisory issued by the United States to its citizens to inform them that life threatening risks are likely to occur if they travel to affected areas or countries. The Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Travel Advisories which include the standard precautions, reconsideration, as well as increased caution.

The recent travel advisory is coming after a similar warning was issued against Kenya by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) which was issued on the 26th of March 2021 was done as a result of the increase in community transmission in Kenya of Coronavirus which led to the filling up of the bed spaces reserved for Coronavirus cases in hospitals, combined with the difficulties encountered when it came to obtaining life saving oxygen.

The United States also warned against traveling to the Kenya to Somali border along with a number of coastal areas as a result of terrorism.

The warning is essentially prohibiting all United States government personnel from going to Wajir County, parts of Kilifi County which are north of Malindi, Mandera County, Lamu County, Tana River County, Garissa County, as well Turkana County; especially the road from Kainuk to Lodwar, as a result of cases of banditry.

The Level 4 travel advisory by the United States also encouraged reconsidering going to Kibera and Eastleigh at all times as a result of kidnappings and crime.

It stated that, “Violent crime, such as armed carjacking, mugging, home invasion, and kidnapping, can occur at any time. Street crime can involve multiple armed assailants. Local police often lack the resources and training to respond effectively to serious criminal incidents.”

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