How To Make Passive Income In 2021 – Information Products and Rental Properties Investments

Whether you are looking for some additional money every month or operating a side hustle, passive income can be an amazing way to help you create an extra cash flow source.

Passive income ensures that you stay afloat during tough times like what was the case when the still ongoing Coronavirus pandemic hit, or if you somehow need a break from your regular 9 to 5. It is also a major plus knowing that you have one more or several other avenues where you are making money from.

Having passive income essentially means that you have other revenue that are actively making you money even as you carry on with your main job. Because of the extra financial security passive income provides, it is indeed possible to eventually leave your 9 to 5 without having any worries with regards to the sustainability of your finances.

If you have set certain retirement goals for yourself and worry about whether or not your earnings from your 9 to 5 will be enough to achieve said goals, then passive income is definitely something you should consider.

Passive Income could include ventures, that bring you earnings from sources besides contractors or employers. These ventures or avenues must of course be legal. Your passive income could come from a business where you are actively participating. An example of this are dividends from stocks. Passive income could also be rental property.

There is a common misconception that passive income is basically you getting something out of nothing, as a sort of get rich quick plot. The reality however, is that it requires work and varying levels of investment. This could also include some labour along the way, maybe even maintenance too in order to ensure that the money it generates continues and grows depending on, what your passive income is exactly.

Having an effective strategy and staying true to that strategy will more than guarantee the financial security having passive income provides.’s Passive Series, will put you on game and open your mind and eyes to the quite numerous business ventures available in today’s world that can potentially put more money in your pocket, increase your purchasing and spending power, keeping you adequately occupied and providing you with passive income.

Today’s article will show you two passive income ideas that you can tailor to suit you, strategies for effectively executing said passive income, along with the various risks you may encounter.

With no further ado, let’s get down to them!


The Selling Of Information Productions

One way of generating passive income is creating an information product. This information product could be a video course, an audio course, or an e-book which you can then put up for purchase.

The information products you create can be distributed and subsequently sold via platforms like Akadamics, Coursera, Skillshare, and Udemy.

Another strategy you can opt for, is going the freemium route. With this strategy, you garner up a following through free content where you then have the option of charging if more detailed information is needed by whoever has shown interest in your products.

What the free content does is that, it shows potential customers that you are indeed knowledgeable in that particular field and encourages them to take things a step further and purchase your information products.

People who provide stock and crypto advice, music marketing advice, and linguistics teachers usually adopt this strategy for their information products.

Information products are a fantastic passive income stream as after the initial period of marketing and spreading the word about your information products, it becomes quite easy to rake in those sales.

One thing to take note of however, is that creating a purchase worthy product is no easy feat. Apart from its content, how it’s packaged is equally as important.

Keeping in mind that one product alone might not be enough you need to also, provide more products down the line that either improve on what you already have, or provide more value to your customers in one way or the other. Mastering this will make your chances of succeeding with this particular passive income idea, even more possible.

Investing In Rental Properties

Rental income or investing in a rental property is another passive income stream worth considering. It however, comes with a lot more requirements than you would think.

If you do not dedicate the time and resources to make your investments into real estate profitable, you might end up making serious losses.

When going into rental property investments you must factor in your expenses, the financial risks of taking ownership of such properties, the total costs, and of course how much returns you want from the investment.

If for instance your target is to earn 1,000,000 Kenyan Shillings every year from your rental properties and the monthly expenses and taxes 230,000 Kenyan Shillings, you will need to charge at least 320,000 Kenyan Shillings in order to reach your target.

A few things to consider is if there is a market for your property, if you are unable to rent out your property, and if you or your tenant(s) will be responsible for paying for damages.

Economic crisis can also create some challenges. Especially in a scenario where your tenants are no longer able to pay their rent. Or where you are no longer able to charge as much as before due to a drop in incomes. As was the case when the still ongoing Coronavirus pandemic hit.

Putting the above into consideration and figuring out solutions will ensure that your investments in rental properties yield proper passive income for you.

And there you have it! Today’s passive income ideas courtesy of Mpesapay.

Are the passive income ideas in today’s article, the ones best suited for you to getinto? That question, is up to you to think on and answer. The aim of this entire Passive Income series at, is majorly to open you up to the various entrepreneurial opportunities that abound in the country of Kenya.

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