GTX 980 vs. 1070

GTX 980 vs. 1070

The GPU market is flooded with numerous graphics cards that have different features and clock speeds. If you have been looking for one, some of the options that you can pick from include GTX 980 and 1070. Find out how they differ.

I have always loved gaming since I bought a PC. Finding the right graphics card was, however, a challenge for me. The first one I got gave me a hard time since I could not rely on it when playing certain games. It was also not a power-efficient model. These challenges made me reconsider replacing it. During my research, I came across GTX 980 and 1070 and decided to compare them before choosing one. This is what I discovered.

What are the differences between GTX 980 and 1070?

Model GTX 980 1070
Memory 4GB GDDR5 8GB GDDR5
Transistors 5.2 billion 7.2 billion
TDP 165 W 150W
Memory bus 256-bit 256-bit
CUDA cores 2048 1920
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GTX 980 vs. 1070- How do they compare?


This is one of the key differences between the two graphic cards. GTX 980 is based on Maxwell GPU architecture, while GTX 1070 is based on Pascal architecture. Pascal architecture enables the manufacturer of GTX 1070 to fit a higher number of transistors in this model. While GTX 1070 is equipped with 7.2 billion transistors, GTX 980 contains 5.2 billion transistors. GTX 1070 is, therefore, a better performer compared to 980.

Power consumption

Due to the difference in architecture, these graphics cards do not consume the same amount of power. The architecture used in GTX 1070 enables the graphics card to operate using less power compared to GTX 980. The thermal design power of GTX 1070 is 150 W, while that of GTX 980 is 165 W.

CUDA cores

These two graphics also differ when it comes to their CUDA cores. These are parallel processors that allow a graphics card to process similar tasks at once. Nvidia has managed to cram 1920 CUDA cores onto the GTX 1070 model. This graphics card, however, lags behinds the GTX 980, which houses 2048 CUDA cores. GTX 980 has higher CUDA cores than 1070.

GTX 980 vs. 1070 – A comparison overview

GTX 980 overview

GTX 980 vs. 1070

Are you in search of a graphics card that you can rely on when playing top-tier games? If yes, you should consider GTX 980. Nvidia came up with this powerful graphics card in 2014. Since the graphics card uses Maxwell architecture, it is a high-performing model that does not disappoint gamers. This graphics card houses a high number of CUDA cores that do most of the computational heavy lifting.

The graphics card is built from 5 billion transistors. GTX 980 also has GDDR5 memory of 4GB clocked to 7010MHZ. Though this memory is decent, it is only accessible through a 256-bit memory interface. This is also a versatile graphics card that can handle games at 1440p and 1080p. Most users are impressed with its ability to handle games at 4K. 

GTX 980 is a cool and efficient graphics card that is quiet and receptive to overclocks. Some of the features that this graphics card comes with include 64 ROPs and 128 mapping units. Since GTX 980 is a dual-slot card, it needs 2 x 6 pin connectors to draw power. Some of the ports in this graphics card include 1x HDMI, 1 x DVI, and 3x Displayport.


  • It can handle 1440p and 1080p games
  • You can also rely it on 4K titles
  • The graphics card is more efficient than regular models


  • High price tag

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GTX 1070 overview

GTX 980 vs. 1070 comparison

Do you need a fast graphics card that is not very costly? If yes, you should not overlook GTX 1070.  This graphics card gives you the chance to enjoy great games using quality settings.  Since GTX 1070 was introduced in 2016, people who prefer gaming at 1440p have been investing in it.

GTX 1070 is an excellent graphics card that is equipped with a boost clock of 1683 MHz and 1920 CUDA cores. Due to such features, the model is capable of powering numerous PC games even at 1080P. It is also based on the Pascal architecture. It has a high number of transistors fitted into a small piece of silicon to boost performance. Using this graphics card can save you from paying high electricity bills even if you are a serious gamer.

Most customers are also drawn to the aesthetic design of this graphics card. If you are not new to shopping for a graphics card, you will notice that this model is not very different from GTX 1080, both mechanically and electrically. The chip’s back end features a 256-bit memory interface and 64 ROPS. In terms of memory, GTX 1070 has 8GB of GDDR5.

GTX 1070 features 1 x HDMI 2.0, 3 x Displayport, and 1x Dual-link DVI when it comes to connectors. Apart from being power efficient, this graphics card is overclockable. Most users are also impressed with its ability to run quietly. Due to the incorporation of excellent features in GTX 1070, choosing it can give you great value for your cash.


  • Includes cutting edge features
  • Ideal for 1440p gaming
  • It is power-efficient


  • Limited SLI capabilities.

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Verdict: So, which is better: GTX 980 vs. 1070?

After comparing these graphics cards, we discovered that they are both highly competitive models. GTX 1070 impressed us more since it is based on better architecture, has a higher core clock speed, and more transistors. Though this graphics card has fewer CUDA cores, it is a more power-efficient model. We, therefore, choose GTX 1070 as the clear winner.


Which games can I play when I have GTX 980?

This graphics card can help you enjoy different PC games such as Tomb Raider, Skyrim, Call of Duty, and Firestrike.

What is the purpose of fans in GTX 1070?

The fan design of this graphics card generates high air pressure leading to a silent performance during gaming and keep it cool even during intense sessions.