5 Best Online Businesses You Can Start In Kenya Today

5 Best Online Businesses You Can Start In Kenya

Are you interested in starting an online business in Kenya? Well, unlike the many traditional business ideas out there, settling on the ideal online business idea can be challenging. This post will reveal to you the five best online business ideas you can implement and grow yourself here in Kenya.

So without much ado, let’s dive in.

What Online Businesses Can You Start In Kenya?

To paint a clear picture, here are the five major online business ideas you can implement.

1. Gig Online Business 

This is the easiest category to start because you don’t have to create any product upfront. All you need to do is to figure out what you can do and find people to pay for that particular service. The gigs vary from content writing, copywriting, social media accounts management, blog management to web designing. And as long as you have any of these skills, you can land at one and start making money

2. Affiliate Online Business

Affiliation is about promoting people’s products or services you trust. You don’t have to spend any time and effort creating a product here. However, you have to build an audience that you will recommend to your client’s products and services. Then immediately they buy your recommendations, you earn your commission.

3. E-commerce

In simple terms, e-commerce is the moving of retail business models to online platforms. The major challenge of running an e-Commerce business lies in manning all the enabling sections at the same time. Right from branding, marketing, suppliers to customers, to inventory delivery.

4. Courses and Programs Online Business

Selling information is one of the most profitable business models for many people online. For example, you can decide to create and sell a copywriting course or even an ebook. However, before you start selling the information, you have to position yourself as an expert in your specialty and your course or program as a solution to the problems of your audience. You can simply achieve this goal by offering reliable advice in your specialty for free. How? The more they find your advice useful to their situations, the more they develop the trust for whatever you want them to buy.

5. SaaS Online Business

Software as a Service ( online tool ) is often a program that helps to solve a problem or leverage particular resources. A good example is a tool like Sumo, which helps solve the problem of leads generation for businesses. However, this business needs some time and capital to start. And the most challenging bit of running a SaaS online business is to remain competitive because sincerely speaking, anyone can just pirate your software idea currently.

Each of these online businesses requires different types of skills, experiences, and resources. If you’re someone who has to start from scratch and needs to make money fast, I suggest you begin with the simplest way, which is selling services like gig and affiliate online businesses.

However, the basic step-by-step procedure of starting an online business is much the same.

Ensure your idea is viable: Obviously, you should test your business ideas before you start investing any money in them. Ensuring there’s a real market need before you spend more money and time in it helps you to mitigate many unnecessary risks and inconveniences.

Formulate your positioning as well as offering: 90% of the aspects that make or break your business are the results of your positioning and offering. To ensure you get them all right, you should spend much of your time researching your audience and concentrate on solving problems for them. What this means is that you need to have a great product/service that solves their problems at the ideal time.

Establish a marketing system. Simply put, a marketing system is a process of putting yourself in front of many of the right people when your positioning and offering are right. The whole thing gets more clear when you start adopting this perspective.

Testing and optimization. A system won’t work forever after its creation. You should get creative and keep on testing things out. Be keen on areas that deliver the greatest results on your goals while requiring the least expenditures; these are the best places for optimization.

Although there isn’t a clear path to starting an online business; these ideas and strategies can generally work well for online business starters and elsewhere too.

Bottom Line

At the start, you sought to know the best online businesses you can start in Kenya. Having tackled exactly that in detail, you now know and are in a better position to make informed decisions regarding the same. A good idea can only be useful when it’s implemented.

So take action today and choose as well as implement one of the above online business ideas.

About the writer

Fredrick Musungu is a freelance writer, blogger, and copywriter who helps businesses and individuals earn more with promotional and informational content at the Liberating Freelance Blog. He also writes about health at the FMHealthwise Blog. He also does this for clients who wish to grow and establish themselves in these industries.